Vitromex Mexico



Vitromex ceramic products, wall and floor coverings, is manufactured according to the International Norms of Quality ANSI 137.1 (American National Standard Specifications for Ceramic Tile), UNE 67-177 and159, in agreement with the testing methods ASTM-C (American Society for Testing and Materials), and EN-67 (European Standard).

Vitromex has fulfilled the requirements established in the Norm ISO 9001:2000, regarding a quality management system, since 1995. Furthermore, we are backed up by a long-lasting presence of over 40 years in the U.S., Mexican and other foreign markets (Central America and South America).

We guarantee that all of our top-quality products fulfill and exceed the performance specifications established by the aforementioned norms.

Our products must be examined by the customer before being installed for any defects.

Two types of guarantees apply:

Residential Guarantee and Commercial Use Guarantee

For more detail please download our Policy of Warranty.