Vitromex Mexico


With proper maintenance and care, the Vitromex family of glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles will remain beautiful for years to come. It is recommended that your tiled surfaces receive routine care, including:

  • Clean up spills immediately.

  • Sweep thoroughly and mop with a clean damp mop, cloth, sponge, or non-metallic brush.

  • If necessary, clean with a mild, all-purpose, low VOC household or commercial cleanser. Allow the cleanser to remain on the surface of the tile as recommended and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove the cleanser and the residue. 

  • Choose a product compatible for cleaning both tile and grout. It is strongly recommended that a small test area is used prior to using on the entire surface. 

  • Do not use abrasive cleansers, brushes with hard or metallic bristles, or acid-based products as they can damage grout and the glazed surfaces of the tile. 

Glass Tiles:
For routine cleaning, use any non-abrasive cleaning compound recommended for either glass or tile.

Post-Grout Clean-Up:
Grout haze is a film that has been left behind on the surface of the tile as part of the final grouting process. Usually this is buffed off the surface after the grout has achieved its initial 12 to 24 hour cure. However, if there is still grout haze on the tile after installation, refer to the grout manufacturers’ recommendations to remove this haze.

Vitromex  does not manufacture installation products or tile cleaning/maintenance products. Vitromex provides the information contained herein to its customers as an information source only.