Vitromex Mexico


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This series is an ode to the industrial spirit in a modern environment as its design emphasizes great technical functionality with a contemporary presentation. The tastefully structured surface of Base complements its soft cement finish in order to create a pure continuity in all of your interior design projects.
You can view our catalog for the Base series here:
PDF Catalog for Base Series
12"x24"; 3"x12" SBN; 2"x2" Mosaic
Shade Variation Visible Abrasion Resistance Break Strength Water Absorption Minimum Grout Joint Surface Hardness (MOHS) Chemical Resistance DCOF (When Walked Upon Wet)
Matte III (IV Washed) Compliant <0.5% III 8 Resistant Compliant
Base glazed porcelain floor and wall tile is appropriate for countertop and backsplash applications as well as all residential and most commercial applications. This entire series is manufactured in a GreenSquared certified facility, which utilizes pre-consumer recycled content. Vitromex USA continues to be a participating member of the TCNA (Tile Council of North America).