Vitromex Mexico


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A slate inspired collection available within our complete full-line of ceramic offerings and is a classic, elegant design, as well as rustic, with modern clefts. As Lakes is offered in multiple formats, this allows easy to pair designs and installations of today's transitional to traditional living spaces. Lakes' natural, dimensional graphic accentuates a color palette to be specified with any interior decor. Matte tiles coordinate beautifully to relate to continuous design themes throughout a broad range of spaces.
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18'X18'; 13'X13'; 12'X24'; SBN; 2'X2' MOSAIC
Shade Variation Visible Abrasion Resistance Break Strength Water Absorption Minimum Grout Joint Surface Hardness (MOHS) Chemical Resistance DCOF (When Walked Upon Wet)
III II >250 lbf ASTM C-648 3 -7% ASTM C-373 0.24' (1/4') 8 RESISTANT 0.58 (A137.1_2012)
Residential floor and wall applications, such as: bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas, entryways, foyers, hallways, kitchens, living and recreation areas Also suitable for commercial applications, such as: offices, shops, lobbies, and restaurants.