Vitromex Mexico


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18'X18'; 13'X13'; 12'X24'; SBN; 2'X2' MOSAIC
Shade and Texture Abrasion Resistance (PEI) Break Strength (UNE 67-1000) Water Absorption (ASTM C-373-99) Minimum Grout Glaze Hardness (MOHS) Chemical Resistance (ASTM 650-83) DCOF (Dynamic; ASTM C-648)
III II >250 lbf ASTM C-648 3 -7% ASTM C-373 0.24' (1/4') 8 RESISTANT 0.58 (A137.1_2012)
Residential floor and wall applications, such as: bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas, entryways, foyers, hallways, kitchens, living and recreation areas Also suitable for commercial applications, such as: offices, shops, lobbies, and restaurants.